Logistics is regarded as the backbone of a country’s economy, responsible for providing efficient and cost effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend.

Logistics management focuses on reducing operational costs, improved delivery performance and increased customer satisfaction levels. The global logistics industry is estimated to be worth over USD 500 billion and is characterized by high costs of operations, low margins, shortage of talent, infrastructural bottlenecks, demand from clients for investing in technology and providing one-stop solutions to all their needs, and consolidation through acquisitions, mergers and alliances.

In India, logistic industry is evolving rapidly, with improvements in infrastructure, adaptation of advanced technology and new types of service providers.

Changing government policies on taxation and regulation of service providers are going to play an important role in this process. At the firm level, the logistics focus is moving towards reducing cycle times in order to add value to their customers. Consequently, better tools and strategies are being sought by firms in order to enhance their decision making.

Astrikos Consulting provide technology based solutions to monitor and manage the entire operations of logistics companies. These solutions will enable you to keep track of your fleet and packages every moment. Risk assessment of every package with periodic assessment of loss of value. Fleet management, trip estimations for fuel cost and maintenance management and vendor performance management.


Features Provided:

  1. GPS based tracking of vehicles on Geographical Information System based Graphs

  2. Sensors enabled vehicles - A special sensor kit installed on the vehicle

  3. Intelligent Alerting System:

    1. Geo-fence ( Area) In/ Out Alert, Device Main Power Cut Alert, Device Tamper Alert, Ignition

    2. On/Off, Low Voltage Alarm, Over speeding, Station skipped, Non adherence to schedule,

    3. Unexpected stoppage and long halt, Alerts based on geo-fencing, Alert for route diversion

  4. Intelligent Package Protection

    1. RFID/BLE tag enabled, Tamper alerting, Checkpost monitoring, Volume alerting, delivery

    2. Tracking and receival sign-off, Handheld terminals integration for delivery

    3. Customizable dashboard with various Role Based Access Controls


ERM/CRM Integration

  1. Real Time integration to the Corporate ERP/CRM system modules

  2. Forecasting and budgeting

  3. Users and roles databases, Accounting and finance

  4. Logistics operations and volume management

  5. Risks, mitigation and predictive analysis

  6. Delivery status and tracking sign-offs

  7. Historical and Realtime reporting

  8. On-demand audit - compliance reporting

  9. Key Account Management and Resource Management

  10. Vendor Management and Vendor Performance Tracking