1. SpectrumView Core Modules

  1. Network Performance Monitoring

  2. SpectrumView Configuration Management

  3. SpectrumView - Network Analytics

  4. SpectrumView Order Service Management

2. Service Assurance and Response Time Monitoring


  2. General Purpose Monitor for small-scale monitoring via arbitrary commands

  3. HTTP, HTTPS Response Code and Page Content Verification (on standard and non-standard ports)

  4. HTTP / HTTPS Page Sequence Monitoring (protocol-level user simulation)

  5. ICMP Ping, StrafePing (similar to and inspired by SmokePing)

  6. Mail: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Lotus Domino IIOP

  7. Mail Transport Monitor (round-trip SMTP - POP3/IMAP delivery test)

3. Deployment Framework

  1. Standalone Mode : Suitable for SMB networks and private ‘On-premise’ deployments

  2. Clustered Mode : Large enterprises with heavy network environments

  3. Distributed Mode : For cloud deployments OR managed PaaS/SaaS oriented catering

Astrikos-SpectrumView Datasheet